“My car was repossessed. I had been paying my bills late every month for a year, and without notice, I find out that it was taken. I thought the finance company was okay with me paying late since I had been doing so for a year. Is there any way I can get my car back without paying the fees?”

“The repo man who came to repossess my car was very aggressive and scared me and my family when we tried speaking to him. He drove through my lawn and dented my car. This doesn’t seem right; I wish I could do something.”

“After my car was repossessed, I planned on buying it back when it was to be auctioned. But the finance company only gave me a notice of two days. How is that fair?”

After your car has been repossessed, the finance company may still want more money from of you. Your vehicle might be sold at auction or in a private sale, usually at a much lower price. If the sale of the car does not cover the amount of money you owe, then the remaining balance, including storage and other fees, will still be owed by you to the finance company. Karni Law Firm, P.C., offers their legal services to defend consumers who are being sued for repossession deficiencies.

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