“I just discovered that the odometer reading on my car is wrong. Wasn’t the dealership supposed to tell me about that the odometer was rolled back?”

“I have had my car for six years, but I just recently came to find out the odometer had been rolled back. Is there anything I can do, even though six years have passed?”

“The dealership I bought my car from has tampered with the odometer. I want to sue them. Is it worth it? Will I win enough money?”

Odometer tampering or rollbacks are acts of fraud and are covered by state and federal law. The Texas Deceptive Trade Practices- Consumer Protection Act (DTPA) and The Federal Odometer Act protect consumers from the deceiving practices of car dealers looking to defraud trusting car buyers by tampering with odometers. These laws give consumers recourse.

An act of odometer fraud might cost you more than thousands of dollars in auto repairs. Consumers have valuable rights and might be entitled to money damages, as well as compensation for their attorney’s fees.

Odometer fraud happens more than you may believe and unsuspecting consumers often pay the price for it.If you believe you may be in a situation where you odometer has been rolledback,contact Karni Law Firm, P.C. Let us evaluate your case.

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