“I had just bought a new car and it immediately started giving me problems. I filed a lemon law complaint with the Texas Department of Transportation, but it took so long to straighten out the terms that I lost my rights under the DTPA, and now, I also have a useless car. All I want is what I paid for.”

“I have been to the manufacturer two times for the same problem, and it’s happened again. Each of those times took 2 weeks each. I can’t afford to be without my car for another couple of weeks, and I’m being told I have no recourse if I file a complaint under the Texas Lemon Law.”

“I’m frustrated with the new car I bought last year. Its defects have been giving me so many problems, and I am being told that all they will do is fix the defects. I want a cash settlement for all of the troubles it has brought me with my health, money, and loss of time. “

If you bought a new (and sometimes used) vehicle and it has defective parts, chances are that it is a lemon. A lemon is an unsatisfactory or defective car, and there are laws to protect Texas consumers.Often, consumers think that the used car they just purchased is a lemon. In fact, there are different laws that can be asserted to protect consumers whether the vehicle they just purchased is new or used.

The Magnuson- Moss Warranty Act (MMWA)

The MMWA is a federal lemon law which is another protection for consumers, which coversvehicles and parts that are guaranteed by the manufacturer’s warranty.

There are other laws and legal theories available to Texas consumers dealing with car problems. If traditional Lemon Law relief is not an option, consumers may have claims for breach of implied warranties or other express warranties.

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