“I traded in my old car for a new one. Two days later, the dealership called me back telling me that I didn’t qualify for financing and that I needed to sign a new contract. Is that legal? I want to just get my trade-in back, but they already sold it to someone else. I feel like I’m stuck.”

“Before I bought my car, the dealership had told me it was in terrific condition and had never been in an accident. They told me that it was certified and passed their inspection. Two days after I drove it off the lot, the engine seized up. My mechanic just told me that there is frame damage, probably from a prior wreck.”

“I saw a great deal on the dealership’s website, it was perfect for my current situation. When I got to the dealership the car was not what it looked like in pictures, but it was still a good deal. Once we got to negotiating, the price turned out to be double what was advertised. Can they do that?”

There are many different strategies a car dealer can use to reach their goal of selling you a car, and many of these ways are illegal. These deceptive trade practices in car sales happen very often.

Cases of auto fraud stretch from the withholding of important information to outright lies at any stage of the process. Auto fraud can begin with false advertising. Car dealers often advertise one thing and you, as a potential customer, visit the dealership to find something totally different. If you are the victim of a “bait and switch,”you may have legal recourse. Misrepresenting the past history of the car, such asaccident history, usage as a rental car, and past water damage is common. “Packing the contract” by including items or services that the buyer is not aware of, or inflating of the price of the vehicle are among the ways dealerships can commit auto fraud.

Texas car buyers have rights under several legal theories, including the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices- Consumer Protection Act (DTPA) and Chapters 2 and 2a of the Texas Uniform Commercial Code (Texas UCC), in Texas Auto Fraud cases.
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